Wednesday, 28 November 2012

It Just Keeps On Getting Better

Today just keeps on getting better and better.

After a nice long rest this afternoon I came down to discover daddy had finished work and was waiting for me. I know this because as soon as I trundled down the stairs there he was and he scooped me up in his arms.

We then spent then next half an hour playing on the floor, all the old favourites. Rubs The Belly which consists of daddy rubbing my belly while I claw away on the floor until I'm just out of reach and then come back around for more. Stand Up, Push Over where I stand next to daddy and he gently pushes me over on my side and as I lay down I get stroked all down my side and Massage The Paw which I adore, especially when he does it through my fingers.

Then to top it off more Dreamies and my duvet as I speak is spinning itself around in the washing machine. I'm now planning to just sit next to daddy as he talks on the phone. It really does just keep on getting better. I wish everyday could be a Lil' Day.