Thursday, 29 November 2012

5 1/2 Hours Later Toe To Toe

We've just had an encounter.

Disappears daddy had taken River out the back to go to the garden. No problem.

The problem came when they came back in. She started exploring and came a little too near as I was sitting out near the back door.

We went toe to toe just staring at each other. Her tail was wagging and she went to approach nearer. I gave a half hiss, a small warning. She stopped still and sat down and just stared at my quizzically. I walked behind Stay daddies legs and sat there watching her.

Um not yet, too soon for me.

The daddies sat on the floor with us. Disappears holding on to River and Stay stroking me. The situation was calm and we just kept on looking at each other.

That's enough for me for the meantime. I want to give it some time for her to digest my message and I'm still sussing her out. I'm sure she means no harm. Just my way of coping with this change.