Friday, 5 October 2012

Phew Close Call

Stay daddy has been out today and came home this evening smelling of cat's.

My heart was bumping as I saw him go back out into the car. Oh no had the dreaded moment came was I about to be saddled with a pair of kittens to run rings about me. No he'd left his phone in the car and just went back out to get it. As we then had a cuddle he told me that he'd been to see his friend D and the smell I could smell was from her two cats Tommy and Oliver who he had been stroking.

Phew that was a close call, I think he must have known I was in a bit of a panic mode as he told me all about them and gave me a well long stroke. One of the he says looks like Felix, no idea who this Felix is but I'm liking the name. If I was a boy I think I would like that as my name.