Tuesday, 30 October 2012

5 New Kittens Arrive In Catworld

OMG so much has gone on in the road that has completely passed me by and no one has filled me in on. Until now.

I was just sitting here with Stay daddy as he was telling me what he had been doing this afternoon and he told me that M told him that there's been two sets of baby kittens born into the street recently. Both Sarah and Bella are now new mum's. 

Sarah has had three new tabby designed babies and Bella two new black and white designed ones. All of this went on earlier on in the Summer and no one told me, not a peep. At least it explains why I'd not really seen much of them over the past couple of months. I didn't have a clue, I'm not likely to meet the new babies now either as all the kittens have already gone to their new homes.

Phew lucky escape, I know the daddies have been after bringing two new babies into our house for a little while, if they'd realised I think we would already have been inundated. Both the new mummies have got their figures back really quickly. 

Wow five new kittens, always a joyous day when a kittens comes to join catworld. Celebration time.