Friday, 19 October 2012

Standing Down It's The Squirrels

A brief break in this drizzling rain meant I got the chance to go outside and not get wet. The purpose, to have a proper look at these new holes.

As much as in the past it's been Foxy and Silver Eyes who have been behind the rampant vandalism upon even closer inspection of the holes it just didn't smell the same.They were smaller and in a way much neater than those created by the Foxes.

It was then that I spotted another clue. A bit of a monkey nut shell was in one of the holes. Bingo, solution. It wasn't the Foxes it was the Squirrels. As Winter approaches Stay daddy has been upping his monkey nut regime. I say regime what I mean to say handful grabbed by Stay daddy and chucked up the garden in a very un-coordinated fashion.

Phew don't mind it being them. Daddy has always fed the Squirrels as long as I can remember and I'm quite used to their little visits and they do get hungry in the Winter and I know how horrible it is when my tummy has rumbled. Standing down.