Thursday, 11 October 2012

Now They're Feeding Them

We have a simple routine in the evenings. Stay daddy goes picks up Disappears daddy. They come home, they eat dinner, I get to sit on daddies lap. It's a tried and tested method that works perfectly fine for me that way.

Tonight we, no sorry they, decide to change that routine and they didn't even pass it by me first.

So Stay daddy leaves as normal, gone a couple of minutes then the car draws up, so far so good. Door opens, check, daddies talking, pretty much normal, but then they stop by the door and Stay reaches for my box of crunchies. Hang on what's going on here?

Stay daddy then bends down and shakes some of my crunchies onto the front step. I go to have a look at what's occurring, this doesn't smell right. There bold as brass on the front step is the darker Naughty Twin eating away happy as can be.They're feeding then now, tut.

Now I expect you are thinking that I went mental. No, I'm lucky enough to be cared and looked after and feed whenever I want and it would be churlish of me if any other cat is hungry not to share what I've got. I had a little word with him not to push his luck and try and come in and returned back to nannies seat where I can keep on eye on proceedings just to make sure, I know what suckers those two can be when it comes to us cats. Food is one thing, getting a seat in front of the fire is something entirely different.