Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Hat Is Now Taken Off

For 20 miles The First did run, along the path lit by the sun
This journey does it feel like fun? The birds ahead to him they sung
His bag it weighed almost a tonne, he stopped to eat a lemon bun
A sound behind to him did stun, he turned and looked, he saw someone

The Pink Flamingo said Hello, a pink so bright, a neon glow
My name dear one is Uncle Joe, I am a friend and not a foe
I see you’ve made it through the snow, he took his hat off very slow
I’m here to give a magic show, a clue to you before you go

The First was stunned, oh such a thing, oh Uncle Joe to me please sing
The Crow ahead he is the King, a message from him I do bring
Stay on the path until it’s Spring and watch out for a vipers sting
Then from the hat appeared a wing surrounded by a golden ring

These things will help you on your way but only use them if you may
An evil one will try and sway you from your path, now please don’t stray
Her hair is full and thick and grey, pick wisely from her laden tray
And one more thing I will now say it’s time for you, be on your way