Friday, 26 October 2012

My Night With Troy Lamore - Part 2

I finally found the dreamies, holding the packet in my teeth I ran back outside. Where was he I couldn't see him? I ran to the back of the garden, dropping the dreamies on the way. Looking around he was nowhere to be seen. I suddenly felt a pang in my chest.

I was up by The Wiseman and decided to consult him. What was that all about. Where was he? Who was he? I sat and thought really deep, closing my eye shut as tight as I could.

Turn around.

I jumped, It wasn't The Wiseman who was speaking to me.

There he was smiling at me from the doorway of the house of glass. A blanket that the daddies leave in there for any of us cats that want a little comfortable rest had been laid out on the floor. Placed in the middle was a petal from the little pink plant. Inside I smiled and my pang went away.

Here come sit a while, he said, turned and walked to the far side of the blanket, turned again to face me and looked directly at me with a smile in his eyes.

I walked towards the doorway, picking up the dreamies on my way. I felt nervous but safe. I dropped the packet onto the blanket and he indicated for me to sit. He waited until I had before sitting himself.

Let us eat and you can tell me all about yourself, he said. This threw me, he was to the point but not in an arrogant way. He had a strength about him, that much was obvious, but it was displayed it in a gently confident way. It was a manner that I hadn't come across before. I just sat there in silence.

He nudged open the packet and pushed a cheese dreamy my way. I put my head down to eat it, keeping my eyes on him. I couldn't stop myself. He bent his head down to the couple that were in front of him. I noticed his neck line, the muscles becoming taunt as he stretched and chewed. Thank goodness I was sitting down, my knee's I'm sure would have wobbled had I been standing. We sat in silence for a few minutes just eating, occasionally looking up at each other.

So pretty girl, he broke the silence as he sat upright, tell me about you.

I didn't know what to say. I'm sure my eyes must having been giving something away although I didn't know what that something would have been. I've not felt this comfortable around another cat I think ever. I think he understood where I was.

He laughed, Let's make this a little, he paused, easier. Tell me three things about you and there's no need to tell me you are beautiful, that much I can see for myself.

OMG. From many that would have sounded like a line but his expression didn't change, just a small grin in the corner of his mouth and a gentle softening around his eyes. He meant it. He just sat there looking at me expression not changing, he was obviously waiting until I spoke.

Err, My names Lil' and I live here with my two daddies and Nadia the tortoise, I began

I think I may not have been too clear, he smiled. It's you I want to know about, tell me about YOU. I wasn't too sure what he meant I thought I was.

I must still have had the link open to The Wiseman as it suddenly became clear. It's you Lil he wants to know about. The you that's inside. OK right here goes. Well I'm kinda shy. 

His left eye raised up a little. Shyness in your case is a very attractive quality, he licked his paw.

*Blush* I like to think I can be kind. I continued, trying not to react to his previous comment

I think you are very kind, you've invited a tired wanderer to share a meal, you've offered nothing but kindness to me tonight.

and err. I was flustered, my mind had gone blank, I couldn't speak. He must have sensed this

Are you adventurous pretty Lil'? Can you be impulsive?

*Gulp* I believe I can be, I said with as much confidence as I could muster.

Would you like to come on an adventure with me? 

Everything told me no. I didn't know who he was, I had no idea what he was going on about and yet there was something intoxicating about him and I wasn't ready to give up this feeling yet. I wanted to scream out yes but my mouth was dry so I just nodded.

Then come let us prepare. Tonight Lil' is going to be a night I hope you'll never forget. Let us go and have an adventure, I want to take you somewhere where I don't think you've been before..