Thursday, 25 October 2012

Another Mental List

Right I've been sitting on nannies chair thinking and here's my mental list of things to do today. It's going to be a busy day.

1. Get the attention of Emma, or any of the others, to find out exactly what has happened to the darker Naughty Twin.

2. If it's some terrible zombie like contagious sickness find out how I can protect myself from becoming infected. Also find out if there is a cure as we can't leave him like that. Although where I will go to find out if there is a cure stumps me at the moment.

3. Investigate these fairy mushrooms. Daddy said that they have mystical powers so maybe they can help us in trying to bring the darker Naughty Twin back from the dark side. Now although you would think that this is an impossible task I already have a plan. Daddy has a book on fairies, I've seen it in our office, it's sure to contain information that I can utilise in my quest.

4. Distract Stay daddy, nick the book, read the book and make notes of how I can contact the fairies who own the mushrooms.

5. Locate and then persuade the fairies to help us in our quest.

6. Perform the required ritual and bring the darker Naughty Twin back to normal.

7. Find out what on earth the big glass bowl full of water that daddy has put on the window ledge is all about. It's way too big for it to be his drinking glass.

8. Go to sleep after all the tasks have been completed. I'm exhausted just thinking what's ahead of me today. Still onwards and upwards.

Oi Emma