Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Book Of Fairies

Well I've been unsuccessful at getting Emma's attention through a closed window downstairs so I decided that if I went into the office then I could floor two tasks with one stone.

I could use this elevated position to call out to her as daddy keeps the window open most of the time that he is in there and I also could start my research on the fairies. 
Although the door was closed I just had to wait until he popped out. I meowed a lot but stayed on the threshold and then he invited me in. It's a ploy I've used successfully before so I knew I stood a good chance of it working this time. Bingo I was in.

I knew not to push my luck but he'd have got suspicious if I hadn't tried to get some attention so I jumped on his lap and we had a little cuddle. I could see the window was open and got up off his lap when I could tell he needed to get back to work. 

Up by the Little Lemon Tree I went, which by the way seems to be doing very well. There's a few more beautiful bright leaves that have sprouted this week and it's looking quite strong. Anyway I divert. Out I called again to Emma who was taking no notice of me. I don't know if she's ignoring me or just can't hear me, although she did seem to be a bit pre-occupied, looking at something I couldn't see myself.

I decided to come back to this later and diverted my attention to the little fairy book. There it was on the shelf. Now how could I get it down without being chucked out. Simple I just waited until he was on the phone, I know when he is there's nothing that will distract him.

Ring, ring and I sprang into action. As it fell to the floor, he turned around and gave me a right stare. I know he doesn't mean anything other than be quiet, which I was intending to do anyway. I had a feeling that I was going to be expelled as soon as he was off the phone and so got the book and left. I've hidden it in my other bedroom, he doesn't go in there much and I can read it at my leisure. That's one thing I can tick of the list.