Friday, 12 October 2012

You Can Tell It's Friday - The Cat's Chorus

You can tell it's Friday when you wake up to the daddies singing. Yes singing, this time of the morning.

I thought Disappears daddy was singing "New York, New York" but the lyrics were different "It's Friday, It's Friday so good they named it twice" *clears throat*.

Stay daddy decided to do some sort of a weird mash up starting with "I would walk 500 miles" where he stomped around the bedroom in time before suddenly bursting into "I've got one night only, one night only".

All very strange, these Friday morning's can sometimes be a bit of an experience. I just ignored then looking out the windows where I spotted both the Naughty Twins. Great the Mission Impossible theme in my head again now. At least they can't say we're not a musical family. Stay daddy says it's like the cat chorus, which I'm taking as a compliment.