Thursday, 18 October 2012

All The Colours Of The Rainbow

I don't know what Stay daddy's been eating but he's confusing me this morning, maybe he had some cheese before he went to bed?

He got up late, running around rapidly getting ready to try and make up time. He was up talking to Disappears daddy into the night, they kept me up to, with all their wiggling around. In the end I went downstairs to have a little drink and to get some peace. I guess he must be very tired as I'm not quite understanding what he's talking about.

He's been going on about all the colours of the rainbow being beautiful and yet I can't see a rainbow either out the back or the front. It's actually quite a nice morning weather wise, the Naughty Twins are running around everywhere enjoying the morning sun. I could tell something wasn't right he was talking very seriously about rainbows and yet I know he loves them so much. He always runs outside to look when they are in the sky, eyes twinkling. Disappears daddy says he looks just like a little boy when this happens. Today he just looks old. I just needed to concentrate really hard so I just sat there listening intently to what he was saying rubbing his arm with my head and giving him big wide eyed I love you eyes. I don't like this he seems very upset.

He showed me a picture of a rainbow and went on about all the colours blending perfectly. He said the reason rainbows are so beautiful is because each shade compliments each other, just there existing in harmony. He said that neither the brilliant blue through to the vibrant red in a rainbow try to compete about how wonderful they are, they all are amazing and that's why a rainbow works so well. He then just sat there looking at the picture for an age. I rubbed my head against his arm again. The trouble is, he said, sometimes something happens and you realise not everyone see's the rainbow like you do.  

I really was looking closely but I'm not sure that he thinks I get it as he turned to me and then said, my dad used to have a saying, there's none as blind as those that can't see. But I do see I do.