Sunday 21 October 2012

It's Disco Time

Stay daddys been at it this evening.  Not something that happens often. Understandably.

If he's in, it's cold out and he's in this zone then this becomes a house of flashing neon, fingers rapidly flicking through the increasingly loud music channels. Yep it's one of those special nights and lucky us we get to witness his versions of what he's found through the medium of karaoke. Yep if the songs right, and with the remote in his hand he makes sure it's right, it's disco time.

Tonight we've had a special treat it's been a music dance through the decades.

He's howled along with Donna Summer. Put random and slightly inappropriate words into D.I.S.C.O. Whitney and early Kylie have both made an appearance, as has his versions of Flashdance, Footloose the Pointer Sisters and Girls Aloud versions of Jump and rapped through the spoken part of Vogue. Drag Queen. He's just finished his current mash up doing it Camden Style and has popped to the loo.

He likes to call his musical tastes happy. I've an entirely different word for it. I'm sooo looking forward to High School Musical cause I know it's coming, he'll make it happen.

Disappears daddies leaving him to it as he's still looking at bloody dogs on the internet. Not my best Saturday night in recent times.