Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Turning Point?

Even thought it was a late night last night for us all in getting to bed I'm up early and wide awake, I just can't sleep. It's not helped by the face that the daddies are all wiggily legs in bed, Stay daddy accidental kicked me off twice during the night. The second time it happened I gave in and got up.

Looking out the window I spotted the lighter Naughty Twin making his way across the back boundary before settling at the Swinging Heart of Love in the Peace Garden. He settled himself down facing the direction of The Wiseman and started seeking some advice.

I think we may have reached a turning point in all the troubles going on with him and his darker brother. If he's gone to seek out advice from The Wiseman maybe he's ready to make peace with his brother? I do hope so all this upset is not good, have a tiff if you must but know when it's time to let it go to.