Friday, 26 October 2012

My Night With Troy Lamore - Part 3

With that up he got. You ready? he asked, Let's go!

He winked and off he ran, jumping clean over the fence into C's garden in one leap. I'd never seen anyone take the fence without stopping at the top before, he surely was a powerful cat.

By the time I got to the top of the fence I could see he was already two houses away. He stopped and turned to look at me. Smiling he paused until I caught up with him.

I can't go as fast as you, I said.

O you will he said, you will and off he went again.

I had a feeling that he hadn't be lying and that I was going to go further than I had before.

He could sense my hesitation when we got to the road. Even though it was late and this is a quiet area the road is still my boundary and I hesitated.

He looked at me from across the road. Ready?

I was. I'd never done this before, this was crazy. I don't know what kind of power he had over me making me do things I'd never done before. What was I doing? Did I care? In that moment, no I didn't all I knew was that I wanted to follow him and follow him I did.

Down the road we ran, the front gardens were our playground. Over bushes we jumped, chasing each other through the open gate of one of the gardens, a dog barked as we invaded his territory. I didn't shy away I just laughed and ran even faster. A the end of the road he jumped on top of a parked car and sat down. I was already further, much further away from home than I had ever been before and before I knew what I was doing I had joined him.

I was a little out of breath so glad for the rest. There I was panting away but he seemed as relaxed as if he'd just woken up. We just sat there in silence for a few minutes looking at each other. I was longing for him to rub my cheek with his again but he just looked at me smiling.

After a couple of he nodding to his left towards a big dark tunnel. Where it led I had no idea. Shall we? he asked.

I'm not sure, I replied, It looks very dark and I don't know where we are going?

Don't you know I'd never let anything hurt you? 

I did but still that tunnel was scary. I'd heard a rumour that Foxy Lectar hung out down here sometimes. This was the place that I had planned ages ago to try and tempt him to to get rid of him. At that moment a kind of calm came over me. Come on then.

He raised his paw and touched the back of my neck. Let's go, and with one leap he was off.

The light of the lamp glowed orange at the far end and I concentrated on getting to it as fast as I could. The tunnel made a strange sound as we ran through it. I could hear the gentle sound of our feet as we ran and the noise of some bats flapping their wings above. I dared not look up and just concentrated on what was ahead. Nearer and nearer the orange light glowed. It was only when we got out the other side that I realised that we were running together, parallel. I was no longer trying to play catch up.

On we ran for a few more minutes, until a rabbit jumped out of the long grass that was growing either side of us and threw me off my stride. I wasn't sure who was more surprised me or the rabbit as both of us changed directions in an instant to avoid each other.

OK? he asked

Yes, I laughed. Where are we going?

That's a surprise, he said, it's not too much further now and off he dashed. Off I followed.

We were now on some sort of concrete covered roadway. It was well lit and either side of us there were buildings. Not like the houses where I live, these didn't really have windows and they were much bigger than a house. Noises came from some of them and I could see piles of machinery and wood and mental.

We were now running silently, purposefully. This wanderer certainly knew where we were heading I still had no idea, although I could see that the roadway we were on was coming to an end and beyond the end all I could see were trees.

I began to slow down a little. Where was I, this was a long way from home? I hadn't been paying full attention to where we had been going and I wasn't sure that I could find my way back home again on my own.

I knew instinctively that he would look out and protect me but this being so far from home I began to think of the daddies. They've always been the ones who have looked out and after me. Just a couple of hours ago I was getting ready to go to bed, everything normal, everything as it had always been. Now here I was in the middle of nowhere, doing goodness only knows what with someone who's name I didn't even know.

By this time I had caught up with him. He was sitting on one side of the road waiting

We're here, pretty girl, and nodded into the direction of the trees.

With that he ran across the road diving straight through a bush. I looked down, my feet were following.