Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Double Trouble's Back

Oh well that's the peace gone then, the Naughty Twins are united again, double the trouble's back.

I spotted the lighter Naughty Twin jumping onto the shed roof and hiding himself amongst the tree leaves. It looked a bit suspicious to me so I carried on watching.

Very quickly after he settled the darker Naughty Twin popped his head up, checking in with his brother that the coast was clear before jumping right off the shed into our garden.

A quick run around the border, cutting my side of the trampoline, jumping up into the Peace Garden, slipping off one rock in his haste - ha, before running up to The Wiseman.

He sat there and had a little converse before jumping over into AM's garden. The lighter one waited on the shed roof, maybe a bit more sheepish since his recent troubles. The cheek of them though.