Saturday, 20 October 2012

Double Don't You Dare!

Well that's the peace and quiet over with then. Disappears daddy has arisen and come down in a mischievous mood.

He's been looking at cats and dogs on the computer, every two seconds turning his screen around to show Stay who generally says Ah. I know what they are up to. I'm not chuffed at the prospect of another cat in here, but you can jolly well get a grip I'm not having a dog come here permanently. No I'm putting my foot down, that line shall not be crossed.

To make matter worse they've also been discussing Halloween coming up. Disappears said to Stay to check his email, which he did to peels of laughter. Yeah I know when I need to be on my guard and looked over his shoulder.

If they think I'm dressing up in that gear for their amusement they are clearly mad. There's no such thing as a Batcat. No way, no chance. Simply put, they dare and they'll suffer the consequences.