Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Leave The Boot Open At Your Peril

Oh the noise today from the digger people has been mad, so noisy it's been keeping almost all of the cats inside.  There's one hole that is now so big it is taking up the entire front garden and most of a driveway space of one of the houses. They are still trying to insert the yellow snake, it's a long one for sure. I do hope that the copius amounts of tea being given from the people inside the houses to the digging men is helping. Personally I think they would get their task finished a lot quicker if they didn't always disappear by 2pm.

I saw daddy stroking George earlier as he went out. George had gone over to see what all the fuss was about. I hope daddy told him to watch out for his son's road antics. All you can do is warn I suppose. 

The only other cat to show his face today so far has been the darker Naughty Twin who went over to a house opposite and tried to get in the open boot of the car parked there. Don't blame him I'd escape this place at the moment if I could just for some peace and quiet. The digging began and the noise frightened him off before he got all the way in. Well if you do leave the boot open I guess you suffer the consequences at your own peril.