Friday, 19 October 2012

Message Understood?

I think the message may finally have gotten through and been understood by the lighter Naughty Twin.

Just now as I was sitting gazing out the window wishing that the light drizzle would stop so that I could go outside and have a check on the small holes in the back garden situation, another couple have appeared again this morning, when I spotted him coming around the side if C's house.

He didn't see me and walked around right in front of my window. Glad to see no weeing incident on the lawn this morning, good.

Up the path he went, I was watching him very intently to see what he did as I could see that he was on his way across the road, probably hoping for an early morning breakfast from M.

As he approached the road he stopped and actually looked both ways before crossing. O joy, let's just hope he keeps it up.

Now just got to wait for the rain to stop so I can get back to the holes investigation.