Friday, 26 October 2012

My Night With Troy Lamore - Part 4

I came through the other side of the bush and stopped dead still in complete terror.

In front of me lay an never ending expanse of water. I turned to the wanderer, my pleading eyes wide open. He simply looked back at me, a soft smile on his face.

It's the lake, my voice trembling. The lake where the Gooses live.

His eyes lit up. You are not wrong. Isn't it beautiful.

No, I turned my head away. My whole body was frozen to the spot, it was all I could do just to turn my head away.

There's nothing to be scared of. His voice soft and tender.

It's water, there's water everywhere the sound coming from my throat trembled.

And not a drop to spare? He laughed

Don't make fun of me. My eyes felt wet. Cats don't cry but if they did I think this must be what it's like. I felt so scared and so hurt. He wasn't to know how much I was terrified of water but I felt stung. This man who had got inside my head and my heart should have, he should have known how I would feel. I know it didn't make sense but none of this crazy night had.

Hey. He moved over to me, It's OK

I trembled, I was terrified. He was so close I could feel his breath on my face. Look.

I couldn't move.

Look he said the same soft tone in his voice.

No, I can't, I won't. I want to go home, I want my daddies and I want Nadia to try and crawl into my bowl and I want to be indoors and.. I sniffed back and tried to take a deep breath.

My pretty little girl, it's OK. Nothing will happen to you. The smoothness of his voice calmed me a little.

Just slowly turn and look, you will be glad you did. I said I would take you to somewhere you'd never been before and I didn't just mean to this place. You have the courage within you my sweet little Lil'. You are strong now turn your head slowly, I'm here, it will all be OK.

There's was something about him that just made you believe in him.

Just keep looking in my eyes, I will help you sweet, brave Lil'.

I looked up and straight into those golden orbs and so, so slowly he began to move behind me. I kept his gaze firm as he moved, not daring to move my line of sight away from the centre not a single millimetre until my neck could turn no more.

Are you ready, he enquired. Do not worry. I am going to be right here by your side but for you to see I have to move.

I nodded. In a flash he ducked down. I gasped.

The moon although not full was bright, it had remained a clear night, it's reflection danced in the waters ripples. A swan silently drifted across the water. It was beautiful. I couldn't turn away.

I felt his body gently rocking next to me and I turned to look at him. He gently nodded his head and brushed his cheek against mine. There was nothing that I felt I needed to worry about.

We must have sat there for an hour in silence lost totally in the scene. I'd never seen anything like this before. The only sound the water lapping gently on the bank.

Eventually he broke the silence. Your eyes pretty girl they sparkle like diamonds.

I swallowed and smiled.

I soon must be on my way, you can come with me if you like?

I turned to him and smiled but without a second thought I shook my head. 

No my lovely enigma I cannot. My hearts at home with my family. It always has been, it always will be.

He didn't speak but he smiled. It might not be the life for him but it's the life for me. We understood this about each other and left it at that, no trying to persuade each other differently.

We both turned back towards the lake and remained silent, our shoulders gentle touching. After a while the birds began their morning chorus and we knew it was time to go.

We both stood and walked back through the bushes and onto the road again slowly, neither speaking. As we turned to head back the way we came a van slowed as it came around the corner.

Come on, he shouted, tonight you are going to feel the wind in your fur. 

Off he ran jumping into the back of the van. With barely a second to think before it would speed up again, my heart pounding, I jumped up to join him.

All the way up the lane we went. I held on tight but knew I'd be safe, I knew he'd never put me into a position of danger. It was exhilarating, even though it was cold I didn't feel it as the air rushed through my coat ruffling and waving.

All too quickly our journey was over as we approached the place where I knew I had to get off. The van slowed down for the red light. Out we jumped. I felt on top of the world but was also now very tired.

We ambled back down my road, keeping to the pathways, the gardens no longer our playground. All too soon we were again in the back garden.

He lent towards me and whispered in my ear

I guess I had better be on my way pretty Lil', I've a long jounrey ahead and a little sister to meet. Ending with a wink.

As he pulled away he again brushed my cheek with his. He smiled and turned. So long little Lil' it's been a pleasure, tonight has been my lucky night.

Even though I'd had an amazing experience I was glad to be home. I don't like goodbyes and something inside me told me that I shouldn't say it. I heard a thump as he landed on the fence.

Wait. I called and turned to face him. I don't even know your name.

He turned his head towards me. My name my sweet is Troy Lamore.

Will I ever see you again?

You may my sweet, time and fate will tell. With that he was gone.

What a night I'd had. I was feeling very tired and know I needed to go to sleep but I didn't want the night to be over.

I went into the house of glass. The blanket was still where we'd left it and the pink petal he'd given me had filled the room with it's aroma. Just a few hours ago I didn't know he existed and now he was all I wanted to think about. I lay down, closed my eyes and fell asleep with the image of those eyes of gold dancing in my head.