Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Zen Like Experience

Saturday mornings are just perfect and a very special time for me.

 It's always quite here on a Saturday morning. Disappears daddy has a lay in and Stay daddy comes down at his normal time. He doesn't rush off out anywhere and sit's reading or just looking out the window quietly so as to not disturb sleeping beauty. We get some total us time and I look forward to this time each week as I know what's coming. It's the time for my weekly massage.

Disappears daddy actually gave me my first massage and I do get the same from him as a surprise at any time. Stay daddy always uses Saturday mornings though to give my back and neck a long massage.

It usually starts the same. I sit for a while as he settles and after about half an hour move closer to him, parking myself right next to him so that he knows I'm there. I'm not impatient as I also love the peace and after a little while he'll just put his hand around my shoulders and gentle massages the little bit between my should blades. Ah perfect relaxation. I just go with it and tune out, gently rocking back and forth, purring slowly and deeply from the back of my throat. It's almost a zen like experience.