Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Naughty Twins Have Fallen Out

The Naughty Twins appear to have had a falling out.

Thinking about it I haven't seen them hanging out together for the past few days. I know they each have their own independent lives and adventures but each day I do spot them somewhere hanging out but not this week.

I spotted the darker one resting by the Swinging Heart of Love. There's only two reasons why someone goes there, either to pay homage or because they need to feel the love.

He sat there for about 10 minutes before walking along the back fence and jumping into one of the gardens. His head was down he didn't look happy.
Sarah was on her garage roof and had been keeping a watch on him from a distance, once he moved she followed him. I think she's gone to have a little talk with him. She's always the peacemaker that one, I hope they both realise how lucky there are to have her.

Meanwhile out the front the lighter Naughty Twin is sitting on his own watching the men putting the yellow snake into the holes. He looks sad, I feel for him. What on earth has gone on? It must be something pretty big, those two are usually as thick as thieves.