Friday, 5 October 2012

Emma Seeks Advice

It's all been very quiet here on both the men digging front, a no show today, and also on the Naughty Twins not speaking to each other situation..

I have seen the lighter Naughty Twins running around a little bit this morning but no sign of the darker one. You know when you can tell that there's some tension in the air? Well yes that's what we have here in Catworld today. It's strange how it seems to have affected the whole mood of the place, all very solemn.

It's really bothering Emma as she's resorted to going to seek advice from The Wiseman on the matter and is also sticking pretty close to the Swinging Heart of Love as well. She needs a double whammy, love and advice. I'm confident he can help her though he always does me.

I wish I could do something to help Emma though, she looks so sad, even glancing in my direction with pleading eyes that us guardians recognise in each other when we at the end of our tether with our young ones or really worried about them. There's nothing I can do though but provide silent support.