Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Negative To A Positive

Getting a massive rub down from Stay daddy as they both talk about the topic de rigueur. Dogs.

I have, this time, been paying attention to what they are saying and I think I've found a way of turning this negative proposal into a positive advantage.

They've been talking about how they are to integrate the new recruits. Stay daddy has just been saying that in order to help with the transition and to not upset me that he's going to ensure he's giving me just as much attention as he does now.

Disappears daddy has been talking about creating my own special treats to ensure that I feel treasured. They were talking about the sleeping arrangements as well. I know my spot on the bed is safe and I won't have to share so I suppose I feel a little bit more settled about the idea. It does make me slightly laugh that they think that the two little kittens will have the spare room and the dog in a bed underneath the bedroom radiator. I'll let them deal with that little problem, they are determined I'm not to be disturbed that's all I care about.

Now if I'm clever and play on this I'm sure I can actually get more attention that I do now. I shall have to get practising a new wide eyed look, one that has a quiet resignation to it to twing those heart strings. Bingo.