Saturday, 13 October 2012

Run Little Squirrels Run

Run little Squirrels run, I'm shouting this through the window, I do hope they can hear me.

I was just having a gaze out the back window at Emma resting on the shed roof when I saw two little squirrels jump up from C's garden is a right panic.

They ran across the shed roof and down into the garden at the back of us, two seconds later followed by the lighter Naughty Twin.

He jumped onto the second shed roof, peering into the garden, looking like he was about to jump in. Back and forth he rocked, eyes darting everywhere.

All of a sudden he ran across our back wall into the tree by The Wiseman and then back past the Swinging Heart of Love. In the distance I saw one of the Squirrels had made it to safety on a back wall, phew.

The lighter Naughty Twin was still tracking one of them who ran up a tree just out of his reach. Daddy saw what was happening and banged on the window to distract the twin, who just looked at him but didn't move.

 Emma throughout all this just looked on, not moving, not doing anything.