Monday, 1 October 2012

The Monkey & The Face Of Blue

Then all at once a face of blue. What do you want I see you’re new?
You are not one of our small crew, you in a pickle? In a stew?
The First replied. If just you knew from down the hole above I flew
I jumped straight in & fell right through, a task ahead of me is due

You are the one who was foretold, I hope you’re brave? I hope you’re bold
Now wrap up warm this place is cold, he passed a coat, The First un-rolled
The Tale of Two I once was told, you’re games ahead but will your fold
Now here’s a rope for you to hold and Welcome to the Land of Gold

I do not know of what you say, I only landed here today
So can you help me on my way. I can my friend but first please lay
Our Land of Gold was once so gay, an evil one took that away
To lift that curse, a beast you’ll slay. The sun shone out a guiding ray

Just follow that if you do care, it leads straight to the dragons lair
Over the fence but please don’t tear, the coat I gave, there is no spare
To go beyond the fence you dare? Now use that rope to take you there
You must be strong and true and fair just one more thing don’t eat the pear!

The First he strode towards the fence, his coat stood up, he felt quite tense
This task before him was immense, a wall to scale, he’d best commence
The wire was think and sharp and dense, his heart it banged, this was intense
It surely was a great defence, and then the smell of sweet incense

Up jumped a monkey, hat on head, a fez of deepest darkest red
You woke me up from my warm bed, so deep asleep my legs still dead
Now that you’re here please share your bread, my stomach calls out to be fed
My purpose here I have not said, I’m here to make that rope be thread

I’ll help you out in this your task, in golden light for you to bask
A little food is all I ask, now if you please come pass that flask
The First he passed to him the cask, extended hand. My name is Rask
Not really friend it’s just my mask, my plan won’t fail it’s purely pask

The First took out his bed-sheet bag, corners un-folded like a flag
The food transferred to monkeys rag, they chatted much, their tongues did wag
The monkey’s word was not just brag, The First went over with bare a snag
Now hurry up don’t let time drag but watch out for the withered hag!