Friday, 26 October 2012

My Night With Troy Lamore - Part 1

I've done something yesterday that I've never done before. I stayed out all night, with a man.

I'd had fairly quiet evening, spending most of it asleep on Stay daddies chest, cuddled up in front of the fire while he was watching TV. I'd been feeling a little tired after all the excitement of the day and even though I didn't mean to I fell fast asleep.

About 11 he got up and disturbed me. I didn't mind I'd been there for hours and decided to go outside  for a little air and to chew some grass. It wasn't a bad night, the rain had stopped, the fog had lifted and it was very clear. Just as I was chewing away something caught the corner of my eye over at the edge of the Peace Garden.

I turned to look and saw a glint of blue silver fur. I went to run away at first but something stopped me and I tentatively walked a few steps closer to get a better look.

As I did this the daddies turned on the back room light. They were closing the house down for the night and the beam illuminated the garden a little more.

Hey .A velvet voice called out. I jumped and stood to run back indoors, Don't be scared pretty lady. With that the most handsome cat I have ever seen stepped out from behind the pink bush. Why you running away? he said

What are you doing in my garden? I asked. Who was this stranger, I'd not seen him around here before?

Just passing through pretty girl, just passing through. With that he walked to the edge of the Peace Garden, settling on a rock and I could get a proper glimpse. He was beautiful. His fur shone with a blue hue, a taunt toned body and eyes of hypnotic gold. I just stood and stared, transfixed.

The back light went out and I could hear the daddies calling for me to come to bed. I turned to go back inside but something stopped me. It would be OK if I followed in a couple of minutes, I thought. Somehow I did feel safe and wanted to find out more about the mystery man.

Where are you going? I asked.

To see family in France, he replied. My mother lives in Paris and I've heard on the network that I've a new baby sister, so I'm off to see her. I was on my way to the coast to catch a boat across the water when I came across this fine place and thought I'd rest awhile. I hope that's OK with you?

If your family lives in France why are you here?

I'm a wanderer pretty girl. I don't settle in one place. The world is big and I want to see it all, I take after my father, he's a wanderer to, it's just something in our blood. It was only then that I realised that I had moved and was sitting right next to him. That kind of startled me I didn't even remember moving. There was something about this man that just drew me in.

A pleasure to meet you, he said and then leaned in and stroked the side of my face with his. I normally would have jumped and run at such an action but I just sat there, feeling slightly flushed. He must have been able to tell as as I heard a little chuckle in the back of his throat. He face then broke out into a beautiful smile and he winked at me.

How forward I thought. I hadn't pulled away though. I realised I liked it, I had gone all tingly.

This your house? He asked

I swallowed Yes

Looks a nice place to hang out, you mind if I do for a while.? I nodded OK. I've been travelling all day and could do with a rest.

I heard the daddies calling out to me again. I should go, I said and looked towards the bedroom, the light had gone off.

If you have to, you have to and he flashed that smile at me again.

I knew I wasn't going anywhere Where have you just come from then?

I've been travelling around for a while, hanging out with some fairground people around the North of the country, easy times. There's nothing as great as feeling the wind in your fur riding atop of a truck, plenty of food in your belly and new things to see. Made some pretty good friends there to. He turned and looked at me direct in my eyes You ever felt the wind in your fur gorgeous? You ever felt the danger?

I swallowed Are you hungry?  No I hadn't ever felt the wind in my fur, I had no idea what he was talking about. I was feeling my fur rippling now though.

It would be rude of me to turn down a dinner invitation from such a beautiful lady. I blushed again.

Hang on. With that I rushed back indoors. What was I doing, this was madness? Less than five minutes ago I was minding my own business getting ready to go to bed and now here I was running around in all of a fluster inviting a handsome stranger to dinner, ignoring calls from the daddies and yet there was nothing more that I wanted to do. Where was that dam packet of dreamies?