Monday, 1 October 2012

Hot Beds

Wow something amazing happened last night.

I was downstairs watching TV with the daddies and Nadia. They were getting very excited as this past week they've been watching something on TV pretty continuously and apparently it was reaching it's crescendo. I've no idea what it was but it ended up with everyone being covered in purple mist. All very strange.

Anyway Nadia had spend the day constantly walking up and down the living room. Stay daddy said he thought that she was trying to find a place to go for her long sleep. She always goes to sleep for ages time around this time of year. One time daddy put her in a box but he kept on checking it all the time and she didn't really get much peace. Last year she'd obviously had enough of the constant interruptions and decided to bury herself somewhere in the back garden. It might have been great for her but they spent the entire wintertime looking outside and fretting about where she was.

Last night I think she found her own place as she buried herself deep inside daddies downstairs blanket. He didn't now until he picked it up at the end of the evening and there she was hidden underneath. As soon as he found it he put it back on top of her, she's still there this morning. I'm not sure she's properly gone to sleep as when I went for a little look this morning I could see some movement but it's looking good.

Double bonus when we went to bed last night I jumped on and guess what? The bed was hot. I don't know where this heat came from but it was so warm and snugly I slept soundly all night. O the joy.