Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Come One, Come All

I've been sitting and watching Emma over the road for about the past 20 minutes.

She's been very restless .First of all walking up the side of the house, then back down again. Settling under the cars for a few minutes watching them go up and down the road before walking back up the side of the house. Three times she's been to the front door.

I cottoned on as to why she was so restless. She's been waiting for her breakfast. Almost as if they've got a psychic link the fourth time she walked up to the door step M opened the door and breakfast was served.

Well it must be some pretty tasty cooking that M's been doing because within less that 1 minute it was like feeding time at the zoo, cat's appeared from every direction..

There Emma was chomping away and up turned the lighter Naughty Twin, quickly followed by George. Just as they were settling down Sarah made an appearance.

Talk about open house at breakfast time M must be exhausted with all that baking. Come one, come all.