Friday, 12 October 2012

Two Sour Pusses

O my goodness what a racket.
I've been having a little snooze sitting next to daddy as he works when I heard all this noise coming from out the front. Looking out the window I saw this massive truck, engines revving, stones a dropping. The men are filling in some more of the holes up the far end of the road and what a noise they are making of it too. Why the truck needs to be making such a noise outside our house I have no idea, our holes are filled.

To get away from it I went to the back of the house and found a very interesting article on the table. This must have been what C brought around to daddy the other day as I saw them having a chat and daddy had something in his hand.

It's about some cat called Colonel Meow and he does not look happy. Daddy came up to see what I was doing and told me that it reminded him of Mr Tibbs. No idea who this Mr Tibbs is but from what he was telling me about him he sounded like a real character. I did laugh at the expression on Colonel Meow's face, sometimes I know just how he's feeling. I think today could be one of those days.