Friday, 12 October 2012

Be Careful George

George seems to have this preoccupation with anything new, cars, machines, vans, holes, whatever it is he can't seem to help himself. If it's new he's gotta poke around in it a bit. I suppose it's a good thing it's showing his keenest to learn and discover new things. I just wish he'd take a bit more care on where he's poking.

For example just now there was someones car parked out front. I could see him watching it for a little while from C's garden. I knew what was coming, over he went, first having a look underneath, having a little sniff at the front lights before going back underneath to settle himself down for a rest.

A few minutes later two sets of feet passed across the road heading for the car. I called out but the windows are closed and George couldn't hear me. Thankfully at the last minute he spotted them and ran off to the safety of E's driveway. A close call indeed, no wonder the lighter Naughty Twin is constantly getting himself into scrapes if this is his example. Must have a word with Emma about all this, she's resting on the shed roof at the back, I think I'll pop up there now.