Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cat Fight In Downing Street

Just sitting here chillin' with the daddies when all of a sudden Stay daddy burst out laughing and called me to come have a look. He then read me a story about two cats that live in  Downing Street who are having a bit of a ruck.

Apparently Downing Street has denied rumours of a feud between Larry & Freya, two cats belonging to the Chancellor and Prime Minister after they were pictured fighting. Hot news on Twitter he says.

Larry was supposed to be there to sort out the rat and mouse problem, dirty, dirty people, but he can be a bit lazy and kept falling asleep on the job so Freya was drafted in to help him

Apparently they are calling it now a job share to avoid hurting Larry's feelings.

I joined in with daddy and laughed my little head off when he read that to me. They say us cats have no place to pay in politics, I disagree, when are people going to understand, we rule and humans are our pets. We're not just there to sort their mess, tut *raises eyes*