Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Everyone's Jumpy

Dunno what it is today but everyone's in a jumpy mood.

First jumper of the day, Stay daddy. The alarm went off but he chose to ignore it until Disappears came in and told him the time. Up he jumped, knocking me off the bed again and for the next 15 minutes decided to do an impression of a whirling dervish.

Second jumper of the day, George. As I was waiting for Stay daddy to get out of the bath I was looking at the birds out of the window when I saw George in the back garden. He's still not happy and was stomping along the back boundary's and jumping from one shed roof to the other. He's searching for something although no idea what, he jumped out of site before I could find out.

Third jumper of the day, Sarah. Sarah is across the other side of the road and is playing with some flies, jumping all around the place, over the gardens and generally having a great time. At least she's enjoying herself, unlike the other two.