Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Testosterone Verses Estrogen

After this morning's events Bella and Sarah have both dropped by to find out exactly what had happened. 

The darker Naughty Twin passed on the days events to them and they were both concerned that I was feeling OK and not too upset. I guess it's that female side that comes out in all of us  when someone feels threatened or is attacked.

The men of course want to make sure that we are OK but are much more into getting things done about the situation. I guess that's just testosterone verses estrogen.

I assured them that I was alright. One thing all of us have in common, we may be ladies but don't underestimate us. We come out fighting when needs be!

They'd been gone just a few minutes before I spotted Doublay lurking around. 

I don't think the days events are over yet. Doublay always seems to appear just before more trouble comes. 

I'm keeping on high alert.