Saturday 26 January 2013

What Did That Look Mean?

Daddy's up therefore River's up and so I'm up and glad I am to.

I looked out of the window just in time to see the darker Naughty Twin standing up for himself against Cameleon.

He was just having a little sit on C's garage roof when Chameleon came from below and tried to swipe at him. Well the Naughty Twin swiped back which I think took Cameleon by surprise as he backed down for a moment.

He then walked around the gate and came up onto the roof sitting right opposite each other, glaring. The Naughty Twin watched all of this but wasn't backing down. Good on him!

Just as it looked like Chameleon was going to go in for a second attack Spit appeared and gave Cameleon the most eye wide open stare and Chameleon backed off.

I moved downstairs quickly to carry on seeing what was going on and also to get myself prepared to run out their and help him if he needed it.

By the time I was down there they have moved towards the back of the garage. Spit and Chameleon were talking to the Naughty Twin but because their backs were towards me I couldn't lip read what was being said.

Chameleon then turned and looked directly at me like he knew I was there all the time. He looked furious!

At this point the darker Naughty Twin walked off and was quickly followed by the other two.

What did that look from Spit to Chameleon mean?