Friday 4 January 2013

Things That No Longer Are.

The daddies have worked together tonight to bring some sense of the old times back to me.

Disappears kept hold of River on the sofa to ensure that she didn't jump down at me so Stay and I could have some time alone together on the floor.

I think Stay has been missing some of the things that we used to do together BR - Before River.

I know she only wants to play with me but I don't want to. I just like being left alone,. Hey I even jump off daddy if he sneezes. Peace and calm and slow is my thing.

Anyway tonight as I say they've worked together to give me some time on the floor. We played the crawling along the floor while I'm being stroked game. Stay even laid his head next to mine on the floor as he gave me a massage.

I must admit I do miss our morning time together when I used to tap daddy as he sat on the chair waiting for Disappears to leave. I know that we now have a different hanging out together time in the morning, it's just some times you miss those things that no longer are.

Of course it was only so long before River escaped Disappears grasp and joined us and I had to jump up. Still it's been nice and as long as I sit on the sofa's arms or Stays lap she doesn't bother me too much.