Saturday 12 January 2013

On The Other Side Of The Hole

On the other side of the road the Seagulls are going mad, flying around everywhere and calling out to the Land of Birds.

I've been watching them with daddy for ages. Well I say we've been watching them what I mean to say is I am. Stay daddy is glancing up every now and then his heads deep in a book, Disappears is asleep in the land of nod.

The sky is heavy with white and these two things together can only mean one thing. Snow really is on it's way and the Seagulls are preparing.

Oh I can't wait, snow is so magical.

Daddy told me once that snow always reminds him of nanny. It was there at both the beginning and at the end and whenever snow is around he feels especially close to her. It's like she is coming to visit.

Now that would be real magic, just like Alice experienced when she went through the hole.