Monday 21 January 2013

We Defeated Him Once

We defeated him once and we can do it again!

Tonight I am on Foxy watch. It shouldn't be too hard there's still snow everywhere showing up anything that thinks that it's safe and hidden lurking around in the shadows.

No one much has been around today. Oh the daddies and River yes they have been. Disappears has been snowed in and so didn't go off out this morning. Both of them have been working away all day and keeping River entertained.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to run around getting the message out, I had to pick my time as I said no one's been around today. The lighter Naughty Twin did run through earlier. Nothing seems to stop him from going about his business. He's a great addition to the cat information network.

The message soon came back from Mogsie. He was going to be keeping an eye out on his side of the road. I would keep a look out here and the lighter Naughty Twin would keep on eye on that end of the road around the bend. Crossing sides and passing messages where required.

We're keeping it quiet at the moment that Foxy has been spotted trying to blend into the background. We don't want to cause panic and confusion. There's enough of that been going on with The New Cat Crew and the Spit situation.

Any sightings today and we'll spread the word to everyone tomorrow. If it's quiet we'll still keep a monitor on but keep it just between us three.