Friday 25 January 2013

And Now The Night Terror

And now we have the night terror!

I was happily sitting on the window ledge  keeping a look out for Mogsie, George or anyone when I saw him.

Down the road Foxy Lectar skulked. This was an atrocity too far and I wanted out. Enough is enough!

I cried at the window and then ran to the door calling out for daddy to open it. Just at that moment back up the road he ran.  Not hiding in the shadows but right out there in the open under the street light.

Daddy also saw him and called out. He didn't even turn around.

Well I was open mouthed at his brazenness!

Just at that moment a smell hit my senses and I had a sniff at our front plant. It was the smell of a cat. A cat I hadn't smelt before.

Oh no one of The New Cat Crew must have been here earlier. Right at our front door.

Oh what a day!

Oh where is Mogsie?