Thursday 24 January 2013

Just The Two Of Us

The mornings are usually a time of the day that I deliberately avoid coming down stairs.

Daddy and me have a new routine now that takes place upstairs. He goes in the bath I go and sit with him. When he's getting ready I then join him in the bedroom and when he has finished he gives me a little stroke and a cuddle.

When I do eventually come downstairs there's always some Dreamies waiting for me and then I go about my business.

Today I decided to come down a bit earlier. It might have something to do with the mornings getting lighter again but I just wanted to be down there and not couped up upstairs.

The daddies were out and so it was just River and me. Yes she came bounding over as she usually does but no I didn't react and neither did she.

We just sat there quietly watching each other. I love it when it's like this just the two of us in peace and quiet harmony.

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