Thursday, 31 January 2013

Like I'm Bothered!

Doublay's out the back looking rather smug. Like I'm bothered!

I know that's not the attitude to have but I'm just not in the right place at the moment to care enough. 

I know we weren't together Mogsie and me but I've liked him for so long. If cats could cry I would.

Daddy said he saw M and R when he took River for a walk and they told him that Twizzle really doesn't like Spit and had a go at her yesterday and certainly  doesn't trust him. Yeah come near me and he'll get it.

I suppose I should get over myself. It is important information but at the moment I'm really not feeling the bigger picture. 

Why couldn't he like me in that way that he likes the lighter Naughty Twin? I hate feeling this way all sad and whinny and angry I've no real right to but I can't help how I feel. 

I think it's best that I sit up in the office and try to get some sleep, I might feel better after that.