Thursday 24 January 2013

He Also Thinks The Same

Word has come back to me from Mogsie via the lighter Naughty Twin. He just ran over the back fence as I was outside and told me.

Mogsie think's the same as me. He feels something is afoot with The New Cat Crew.

He said Flash was hanging around earlier, something that I missed but I guess that's why were work well together as a team. What one missed the other spots. I guess that's why he was being all covert.

I let the Naughty Twin know that I'd seen Foxy last night and he said he'd get the message back to Mogsie.

He said that Mogsie said that he's. keeping a close eye on that situation at the moment as he thinks it's the biggest current threat.

 I said to tell him not to worry I'd keep an eye out for Foxy and report news when it comes in.

The lighter Naughty Twin has been tasked with getting close to Spit to see if he really is wanting to leave the gang. If he is he will get our full support. Mogsie wants to quash this gang not just by trying to come into our area and taking it over but, the Naughty Twin said, he wants this gang to be over and not a threat to any cat group.

Wow this is growing bigger by the day.

At the moment everyone is just information gathering, there's to be no action. Mogsie has a plan but he's sharing it with no one yet!