Thursday 10 January 2013

Our Own Devises

Both the daddies are out so leaving us to our own devises.

River is chewing one of Stay daddies shoes downstairs so I decided to leave her on her own and come up for a sleep in the office. Just before I settled down I thought I'd have a little look outside. It's all very white everywhere, very frosty indeed.

I can see the lighter Naughty Twin over the road looking very perplexed. Luckily daddy left the hall window open so I could hear what was going on. She was have a chat with the Sparrow Sisters. They were all of a flutter. Apparently snow is on it's way.

Oh how exciting. I know it's Stay daddies favourite weather which is such a surprise as he absolutely hates the cold.

The bringing of snow is also a bit of a double bonus. We live on a hill and even more than an inch and we're snowed in. Snowed in means Disappears doesn't disappear, which therefore means that he keep can keep River occupied so Stay and I can get some real quality time together. Roll on the snow I say.