Thursday 10 January 2013

Breaking Ice With Spit

Spit is back.

His favourite spot seems to be the back sheds. Mind you it's a favourite for many of us. It's nice and warm up there as it's one of the few spots that captures the Winter sun and you have a great view of everything this side of the road from up there.

Following on from my decision yesterday to make contact I approached him with caution.

He was glaring at me but sometimes appearances can be deceptive. Daddy sometimes has a right gob on him but he's usually OK it's just the way his face can look so I thought best not to  make assumptions.

I stayed well away but called out to him. Asking him what he wanted around here.

He said she liked it up there and could go wherever he wanted. Oh defensive but true he can. We don't mind anyone joining Catworld but we really do not welcome people who come here to cause trouble, all that malarkey can happen elsewhere.

Ok so I tired another tactic and asked if he was from around here.

Yes came the reply he lived over the other side of the other street at the back of us. Well I guess that is still a bit local, us cats have been known to wander up to 2 miles away from home you know.

He wasn't very forthcoming or warm and seemed only to want to respond to questions not engage in conversation so I thought that it was a good point to stop for this encounter. I wished hrim a good afternoon and came back inside.

At least it's movement I managed to get Spit to speak, managed to break the ice.