Monday 28 January 2013

Oh How Ingenious!

I thought my luck was in and Mogsie was waving at me but no when I waved back he didn't respond. He carried on but was looking right through me.

This warranted further investigation, my catty powers were telling me he wasn't being rude.

As he looked right through me it was this direction that he was looking at so I turned behind me to see what was there.

I then spotted the lighter Naughty Twin.

I looked back to Mogsie and he was still waving.

Then it hit me, from a certain angle if the blinds are up you can see right through our house from over there right up to the gardens behind us.

They were setting up a beacon system of some sort. A way to get quick messages across different parts of Catworld without even moving.

Oh how ingenious!

I wonder how they'll communicate, I'm guessing by some sort of hand system? I still wish it was me he was waving at though.