Thursday 10 January 2013

The Squirrels Were Sending Out An SOS

The magpies have come calling with urgent news.

Craig the Squirrel has been in contact with them and Squirrel Tree is in crisis. Food is at an all time low. Someone has been digging up their food storage supplies and taking it for themselves.

Well the first thing that sprung to mind was all the holes that were discovered all over the place this past week. That would make sense, my catty powers were kicking in big time.
The Squirrels were sending out an SOS they needed help. 

I know daddy hasn't been putting out the monkey nuts as much recently because River keeps on eating them. There's a stash right by the back door it shouldn't be too hard for me to be able to get some out to them.

I said to the Magpie to tell Craig to go to the Peace Garden later I would make sure that there was an ample supply.

That at least should help in the short term. I'll also have to get the news across to the rest of Catworld. That was what Foxy was up to.