Tuesday 15 January 2013

Out Squirrelled

Ha, the lighter Naughty Twin and Sarah have been totally outsquirrelled.

Craig was just out the back picking up some monkey nuts that daddy had left out for him when another one of the squirrels called over to him.

He jumped up on the back wall when Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin spotted him and made a move to chase him.

He spotted the Naughty Twin just in time as he leapt at him and up the tree Craig ran. Oh how funny the Naughty Twin was peering up not sure whether to follow him or not.

Sarah placed herself on the other shed and searched to see where he went. She was looking in totally the wrong place and Craig managed to sneak past her. She did spot him as he jumped on the shed the other side of her and run off. She followed but he was way to quick for her and ran up another tree where the Wood Pigeons were resting.

When will they learn, the Squirrels are so much faster.