Sunday 20 January 2013

Lurking In The Shadows

The daddies are trying to train River how to not jump up at me. I'm giving them a helping hand by sitting here as a temptation.

A couple of times she's come a bit too close and I've ended up getting a bit of a telling off by nearly scratching her nose.

I've given in and accepted the fact that to help me I've got to help them. OK I had to train Charlie and my girls why should this be any different?

Leave, Come and Sit seem to be the three words they are trying to teach her.

Leave means to stop what she is doing and stand still.

Come means to come over to the person calling out

Sit means park it.

She's currently sitting by daddy over the other side of the room and so I took the chance to enjoy the snow from my warm position next to the water fountain.

That's when I saw him, lurking in the shadows.

Foxy Lectar!