Wednesday 30 January 2013

Nadia Returns

I just heard River make the most almighty noise downstairs.

Now as much as she sometimes gets on my nerves she doesn't usually bark and I couldn't hear daddy on the phone so I thought I'd better go down and investigate.

When I went downstairs I saw daddy was watching River closely. I moved around him to get a better look and then I saw her Nadia has woken up, Nadia has returned.

It's very early for her, last year she slept for at least another 6 weeks. She can sometimes wake up for a little bit during her Winter sleep so I'm not sure yet whether she's done with that or if she's just up for a day or two.

Daddy put her in the hallway so she could get some peace. River was certainly very excited to see her, wagging her tale and all that.

Nadia and I don't usually bother each other much but I must admit I do miss her when she's asleep.

What a day it's turning out to be.

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