Friday, 25 January 2013

What I Saw Chilled Me To The Bone

I'm glad I finally roused myself because what I saw chilled me to the bone.

I didn't feel ready to go downstairs yet so had a little wander around before settling on the window ledge to properly wake myself up. I glanced out the window and up by the Swinging Heart of Love I spotted Flash. He hadn't seen me so I could just watch what he was up to.

As he was up by The Swinging Heart I thought he may have been paying homage to those no longer here which warmed my heart. Maybe, I thought for a moment, we have misjudged him. Then he spotted me!

Well his eyes flashed pure evil at me. I went cold.

He just stared at me. I just stared back and there we were for a few minutes having a stare off. I really wanted Mogsie or George to come and see what was going on but not a sign of anyone.

That confirms it to me, he's a wrongun'